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Finally a place to list hard to move product !

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Finally a place to list hard to move product !

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Shop for your favorite brands and find unique items from undiscovered Canadian Talent!

Job Postings

Our Merchants Need Help!  Check our Job listings board to see if there’s an opening near you !

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  • primebottles


    $17.95 plus sales tax
  • primebottles

    Angel Wings

    $17.95 plus sales tax
  • primebottles


    $17.95 plus sales tax
  • Arcticeight2

    Arctic Eight

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $17.99 plus sales tax
  • primebottles

    Arctic Ice

    $17.95 plus sales tax
  • Placeholder

    Arctic Mango

    $17.99 plus sales tax


Are you a small business who is looking to have an online presence?

Build your online store with us.
Let us be the bridge that you use to expand your business.
Have your own online storefront with direct exposure to the industry.
Tons of features.
Unique Tools for you to get the most from your business



Membership has it’s rewards.

– Participate in Members Only contest for great prizes.
– Gain access to our tutorials section and then contribute yourself.
– Join the discussion in one of our many groups and forums.
– Plus receive an automatic 5% off all regular product listings.

And that’s just the start!

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    Merchant – Artisan


It has arrived !

For the first time vape shops will have a way to move dead weight.
And find a great deal on products that may be hard to find.
Simply take a few pictures of the products that simply won’t leave your shelf.
Tally up the amount you would like for them. Add the cost of shipping and submit the information.
All the posts are listed anonymously and only displayed to specific membership plans.

All this and more, free with any Merchant level membership.


Going Once! Going Twice! SOLD.

Thats right, we have added an auction section.
All bidding is reserved for our Members.
With our Member rewards entry level membership you gain access.
So you can bid on items being auctioned from across Canada.
Got a collection you want on the Auction block ?



The vape industry employ’s 1000’s of people across Canada!
Our members will have access to see the job openings posted by industry members.
From Vape shops to manufacturers to Market place Websites……..
Jobs in this industry are only going to grow!


Now accepting volunteers to become peer e-juice flavor profiler.
You will be asked to provide for yourself specific food items at the beginning.
You will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.
You get the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback on some of the industry’s  newest flavors!


Ever say to yourself:
“That’s a great idea! Wish I could make it happen?”
Well with our Ideas section you can !
We think everyone has something to contribute and our members will get a private forum to brainstorm  Ideas together!
From complex business processes to basic fundamentals all are welcome!
Take part in structured sprints to help you and your company grow!

This option is only available to Merchant memberrs for the time being


Sick of being made to feel like a smoker ?
We are in full support of all advocacy groups
We will be building a library resource for people to stay informed
Contribute yourself or use this as a reference
Lets keep the movement fresh and alive!

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For the active consumer
  • Looking for earlybird specials?
  • Across the board discounts?
  • Personal blog space
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Brick and Mortar

For Retail Shops ! Looking to expand their troolbox
  • Connect Nationally with your peers
  • Find deals from Suppliers
  • Create your own Shop page
  • Sell your products!
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Single Brand

Showcase your brand!
  • Create a dedicated shop for your brand
  • Share wholesale costs with your vendors
  • Enjoy industry insights and feedback
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Showcase your brand Line up!
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Definately A new day for punch cards: FLOK


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